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5 riveting snow sports of Himachal Pradesh

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The hill stations of Himachal Pradesh are ideal for thrill-seekers and for the right reasons! There are so many winter-special adventure sports one can choose from while they are in Himachal that will not only leave an individual feeling elated but thrilled too!

Let’s take a closer look into some of the most popular winter-sport activities spotted here:


snow sports in himachal

One of the most popular winter sports activities in all of Himachal Pradesh is skiing. It draws thrill-seekers and enthusiastic tourists from all over the nation. You can try your hand at both Alpine as well as Nordic skiing styles in Himachal Pradesh. Alpine style skiing is where you will be skiing down the steep slopes of a mountain. Nordic style skiing is the more challenging form of the sport as it is more of making jumps and covering long distances. The best time for skiing here in a year is from December till February.

Here is a list of places in Himachal that are ideal for skiing:

  • Kufri
  • Solang valley
  • Narkanda



Heli-skiing takes the stakes of skiing to the next level! It is a winter sport that takes place in high altitudes. This is why the skier will be taken atop the slope on a helicopter! The slopes are generally much less explored and filled with challenging hurdles. The most challenging aspect of this sport is it’s done on soft snow.

If you are new to skiing, then it would be best to keep this activity for the more talented skiers. But if you think that you have what it takes then check out the following places in Himachal Pradesh that are popular for Heli-skiing:

  • Deo Tibba
  • Rohtang pass
  • Chanderkhani pass
  • Hanuman Tibba and
  • Chandrakhani pass

Ice Skating  

Ice Skating

Ice skating is known for its elegance, safety, and ease of learning. That doesn’t mean that it is not engaging enough! One can enjoy ice skating with their loved ones in Shimla since it is home to the oldest ice skating rink in all of Asia! The best part – it is made up of natural snow! The ideal time to enjoy ice skating in Shimla is from December till February.



Rappelling is where you descend from a cliff or a steep incline in a controlled manner using specialized equipment and rope. Rappelling is mostly done in places that are popular for rock climbing since both these activities are synonymous with one another.

The best places for rappelling in Himachal are:

  • Manali
  • Shitidhar peaks
  • Beas Kund region
  • Foothills of Hanuman Tibba and
  • Deo Tibba

Paragliding & Hang Gliding  


If one wants to feel like a wandering bird soaring in the sky, free from all the tensions of society while inhaling the mystical and fresh air of the mountains of Himachal, then this is the winter sports activity one should try!

With that stated, here are some of the best places for hanging/paragliding in Himachal:

  • Bir
  • Intakali
  • Manali and
  • Solang valley

It is safe to state that Himachal Pradesh and its tourist spots provide tons of opportunities for you to enjoy all your favourite winter sports activities. Just be sure to follow the safety precautions and instructions of your guide, and you will be sorted!

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