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A quick guide to the best skiing destinations of Uttarakhand

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All the adventure and winter sports enthusiasts flock to the hill stations when fresh snow mantles the Himalayas. Winter sports season in India kicks off at the beginning of mid-December. It goes on till early March when people from all across the country and the globe visit some of the best skiing destinations of Uttarakhand. Skiing, ice-skating, snowboarding, and sledging are some of the most popular winter sports. However, the adrenaline rush one feels when skiing downhill on snow-covered slopes is beyond what words can describe. The Indian Himalayas has become a popular and ideal destination for skiing and now house some of the best ski resorts in the country. Skiing in the pristine valleys of Uttarakhand is an experience of a lifetime while you come closer to Mother Nature.

If you decide to try skiing, there’s an option to try alpine skiing, where you ski down a slope or try your hands at cross-country skiing, which is planned over several kilometers. However, snowboarding is comparatively new to India and is a blend of surfing and skiing. This one is meant for more adventurous people, as here you need more skill and practice to master it. If you are a beginner and want to do skiing and ice-skating in Uttarakhand, then the gentle slopes of Auli are good for you. Sledging is more casual compared to skiing or snowboarding. Don’t worry about where to get all the equipment! Sledges could be easily rented in these hill stations. So here are the top places to try skiing when you are visiting Uttarakhand.


Skiing in Uttarakhand

Known for its white snowy slopes, Auli is a top-rated hill station and a winter sports destination as it has the best ski resorts in India. Located at an astounding height of 2,505 meters, this hill station is a combination of everything that a tourist could dream of! The mesmerizing views of crescent Himalayas, green pastures and spectacular landscapes, ample adventure activities, a romantic setting, thrilling experiences like cable cars, and a lot more. Be it the snow-covered peaks or the wooden houses, Auli could give fierce competition to any European village.

Kedarkantha Trek

For those craving some electrifying adventure, the Kedarkantha trek is the best choice. Ornate with the enthralling splendour of the falling snowflakes fringed with pine trees, Kedarkantha Peak gets the top ranking amongst the most popular snow trekking destinations in the country. Adjoining the famed Har Ki Dun valley and immersed in unparalleled splendour, this is an emerging destination to find appealing villages, scenic meadows, snow paths, and serene views of the grand Himalayas.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

If it’s your first time, then Dayara Bugyal is a perfect and ideal trek for long weekends. This area gets heavy snowfall in the winter season and is a visual spectacle with its white blankets of snow. The trek will take you through open land, and verdant and dense forest before it ends up at the vast stretch of green meadows. So just breathe in some fresh air, connect with nature through all your senses, and try your favourite winter sports in this lesser-known trek.


Khaliya Top

Imagine a winding meadow encircled by snow-white peaks! That’s Khaliya Top for you, situated in Pithoragarh district of this beautiful state. Presenting breath-taking views of the magnificent hills and the mystical land of Kumaun, the Khaliya Top sits at a whopping altitude of 3500 meters above sea level. It’s a must-visit for skiing and ice-skating in the winter season.


A well-known tourist place near Chakrata, Mundali is known for its mesmerizing Himalayan views and winter sports like skiing. Bordered by lush, dense forests and alpine meadows, Mundali offers skiing opportunities at an altitude of 2,776 meters. Its vast snow-capped ski slopes are more suited for professional skiers.

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