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Best Virtual Tours to Explore the World

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We may all be temporarily grounded in the wake of the pandemic, but that does not mean we cannot find out what is going on in the world. Thanks to the digital revolution and the power of the internet, not only can we find out about the outside world, but we can also explore and tour all our favorite destinations virtually – without the hassle of crowds and queues.

Virtual tours can take you anywhere you’d like to go – from historic museums and old castles to parks, forests, and landscapes. You can witness eye-popping natural scenery, explore mountaintops, discover deep caverns, and tour places that you have only dreamed of until now! So, let’s begin! Bon Voyage everyone! 

#1 India

Tour the world’s largest democracy as you begin to realize and get awestruck by its magnificent diversity and natural wonders. With a great and delicious mix of traditions, culture, spiritual beliefs, festivals, and history, India as a destination should be on every traveller’s bucket list. 

A virtual tour is comprehensive, immersive, and filled with fascinating insights. With 360-degree views and amazing colors, you will get a first-hand experience of the stunning nation. 

Sri Lanka Kandyan Dancers

#2 Sri Lanka

With endless beaches, friendly locals, a stream of elephants, and timeless ruins, Sri Lanka holds an irresistible charm that welcomes you with an alluring gaze, every time you visit. With a virtual tour, while you cannot simply experience country life, even then, you can get enough ideas to plan your next trip to Sri Lanka. These tours are very comprehensive, intuitive, and coupled with detailed descriptions, making it simple for you to explore without getting bored. 

#3 Maldives

What if you could dive underwater to experience the reefs, soak up some beach, and explore the delicious seafood, all in under five minutes? Physically, it may be impossible but with a virtual tour, it becomes a breeze! 

It’s not just the views and the beautiful scenes that amaze you, it’s the sound effects as well, which play an important role in giving you a complete experience of the beach, the water, and the waves that give you the feeling of sitting cross-legged on a chair sipping a margarita! Well, almost! 


#4 Nepal

Think of Nepal, and you are immediately reminded of the pristine mountain peaks of the Himalayas, the quaint little villages, and the exquisite wildlife that make it one of the most amazing travel destinations. 

A virtual tour of Nepal would give you beautiful glimpses of its gorgeous landscapes, medieval sites such as centuries-old stupas and monasteries, along with hidden shrines and temple art. The tour could give you ample time to not just explore what needs to be seen but also educate you on myriad things – from Tibetan Buddhism to the subtle art of making the finest dumplings (momos)! 

#5 Bhutan 

Propagating the philosophy of Gross National Happiness, Bhutan is a country adorned with pristine mountains, primeval forests and stunning villages. Touring this magical and mystical kingdom from your living room isn’t exactly the most exciting experience that you would want to have, but given the present circumstances, you can celebrate the beauty of this fascinating country with its little-known trails captured oh-so-beautifully from a unique vantage point as part of a self-guided tour. 

Amazing panoramic views await you with these virtual tours. Admire the layered clouds in the distance, take a walk down the cobbled streets, and be a part of incredible historical events when you explore any of the above wonders from Asia. Let’s be hopeful to outlast the current state of quarantine to get out in the sun once again! 

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