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Can visiting lesser-known places offer a better travel experience?

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has pressed an unwelcome pause on the tourism box, the travel industry is forced to stop, think, retrospect, and reconfigure its operations.

But what about the travelers? Do they need to change too?

Can traveling beyond the regular blockbuster destinations make trips more rewarding? Let us find out…

Once the pandemic is over – yes, let’s be hopeful, it will, one day – and we emerge from our homes, blinking and lugging stuffed backpacks, all set to explore the world once again, where would you like to go?

Trapped inside, we all have been reminiscing about old travels, and scrolling through photographs of exquisite destinations that we shall visit one day. Perhaps you have been thinking about the gorgeous beaches in the Maldives or the stunning monuments of India or simply circling through a coffee table book with spectacular shots of the snowcapped peaks of Himalayan Nepal?

While it is understandable and fair enough to visit popular destinations, this time, try to browse through the lesser-known attractions – who knows, you might find some gems that are hiding in plain sight!

Such travel spots keep you away from the usual hustle and bustle and enable you to derive brand new experiences that would be tough to get in the middle of touristy crowds. If you have thought of visiting the phenomenal monuments of India, make some effort and experience history by visiting obscure tombs that aren’t on the World Heritage List but offer exclusive and sometimes even better insights into the yesteryear kingdoms and times.

Such experiences give you a chance to interact with the locals and explore the culture first-hand, rather than simply reading about the food and traditions in guidebooks. Take the slow routes and enjoy long walks that allow you to explore the countryside, nature, the parks, the towns, and even villages, and get down to a small café to enjoy the local tea!


Contrary to popular opinion, millennials are increasingly kneeling towards authenticity as the most important factor during travel rather than simply falling through metropolitan haste. Swapping blockbuster spots for lesser-known understudies not only gives you a chance to explore amid a smaller crowd but also makes it easy on the pocket!

The question to ask yourself is “Why am I visiting?” Bucket lists can always be subjective, but it’s the budget and mode of travel that don’t get to.

If you are a social media enthusiast and often share your photography experiments on Instagram, you will get more opportunities to hone that skill. There is no thrill in jostling through the crowds to take the millionth picture of the Taj Mahal! Explore something apart from the usual and get not only a fresh perspective but also fresh shots to go crazy with as you get the exclusive rights to introduce it to the world!

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