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COVID Diaries – How to satiate wanderlust amid the crisis?  

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COVID has brought difficult times upon everyone. No one, including the avid traveler, was prepared for being confined indoors for so long. So, how does someone who thrives on taking flights and visiting new countries regularly stay indoors without feeling down?

If you can relate to this and have been facing the same doubt, there are some mini-solutions that can help you cope and satiate your wanderlust amidst this global crisis.

A day in your favorite place: Home version

Pick your favorite spot in the world and transform your entire home into that place. Engage yourself by taking out some time, cooking (and eating) the native food of the spot you are longing to go to, whilst playing local music in the background. Manifest the idea of visiting the city even further by learning the local language, so you feel even more comfortable when you do get a chance to make that visit.


Suburb Central

If you are in a country where lockdowns are lifted and restrictions are eased, try to find the safest and closest site for camping. Being close to nature in the suburbs can definitely give you a change of scenery that you might be looking for. Likewise, cozy bed and breakfasts, clean and sanitized hotels, or even your personal farmhouse, make for great staycation destinations, whilst giving you a break from the monotonous routine of the lockdown. But as you do so, make sure you maintain top levels of safety and cleanliness to avoid the risk of spreading any germs.

Touring online

Many important sites in the world have now begun online tours. Popular attractions including the iconic Buckingham Palace and Eiffel Tower, have opened up online tours for the public where they showcase certain sections and views of their locations. Museums around the world have also jumped in on the same method and are allowing many visitors to book their spots with digital programs, giving you an exclusive look inside.

As we all long for the day we can pack our bags and fly to our favorite destination (without restrictions), we are also constantly searching for different methods of coping with this pandemic. That said, there are several hidden gems in and around India that are yet to be explored and away from the havoc of COVID. Reach out to our team, as we ensure personalized services at a challenging time like this and help you plan your next trip with utmost safety and care.

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