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How does Kerala’s Ayurveda differ from other Indian Ayurvedic treatments?

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If the stress and monotony of urban life are getting the better of you, it is time to take a break, relax and unwind. Did you know that one of the best ways to revive your spirits and pamper your senses is to go for an Ayurvedic retreat?

Among the various places that offer such retreats in India, the state of Kerala stands out as the most extraordinary champion of Ayurveda. The pleasant climate and the majestic nature in Kerala have incited people to call it ‘God’s Own Country’. It provides the perfect ambience for taking the age-old Ayurvedic treatment. Here’s why Kerala should be a top wellness tourism destination for you.

Backed by a Thousand-year-old Tradition

Ayruveda Tradition Kerala

An interesting story about how Ayurveda became a tradition in Kerala; It is said that, in the 5th century CE, Vagbhatta, the author of a seminal textbook on Ayurveda, came to Kerala and personally taught 18 students here. Eight families of Ayurveda practitioners, known as the ‘Ashtavaidyas’ are believed to have emerged from these students. The descendants of these families still actively practice Ayurveda in Kerala today.

Kerala has been one of the few locations that have been able to connect Ayurvedic antiquity with modern medical practice successfully.

Home to world’s largest pool of qualified Ayurveda professionals

The professionalism, dedication, and in-depth knowledge of practitioners, are what sets the Ayurveda practice in Kerala apart. Kerala is India’s most prominent hub for Ayurvedic studies with 16 Ayurveda colleges that offer graduate and postgraduate programmes.

ayurveda in kerala

The centres here offer one of the best ‘Panchkarma’ Detox experiences in the world. Other than the private wellness centres, Kerala houses more than 100 government-run Ayurveda hospitals, and hundreds of dispensaries from where you can get rare Ayurveda herbs supported by hundreds of Ayurvedic herbs and medicine manufacturing units.

Ideal climatic conditions

Aruvedic Herbs

Kerala’s relaxing climate, natural abundance of forests, and the pleasant monsoon season that begins in early June and lasts up to mid-November are best suited for taking Ayurvedic treatments. Kerala’s tropical forests are home to 1000 different Ayurvedic herbs and medicinal plants. Due to the rich alkaloid content in the soil, it is believed that every herb grown in Kerala is more potent than that found elsewhere in the world. It is almost as if the textbooks of Ayurveda were written keeping the natural conditions of Kerala in mind. It is no wonder that Vagbhatta chose to teach and practice Ayurveda in this region.

Healthy lifestyle steeped in a culture of Ayurveda

‘Lord Dhanvantari’, the God of Ayurveda in Hindu mythology is worshipped throughout the state. From following the custom of daily oil-massages before baths to growing medicinal herbs in home gardens, Ayurveda pervades the regular life of the inhabitants of this state. In fact, many festivals and ceremonies echo these tenets of Ayurvedic history.


Ayurvedic traditions find expression in Kerala’s cuisine too.  Their typical meal, often known as ‘Sadya’, follows the Ayurvedic principle of ‘Shad Rasas’ that features Six (Shad) flavours (Rasas), including all the flavours. This is done to balance the right amount of acidity and alkalinity that is known to make your digestion stronger.

Supreme wellness experience

Ayurveda wellness Centres

The Ayurveda Centres of Kerala devotedly follow the principles laid down by the oldest health care system in the world. The treatments offered here will help you accomplish a complete body balance and maintain overall well-being. They offer every kind of ayurvedic service; including oil treatments, unique massages, custom-made meals, exclusive meditative practices, consultation for emotional and spiritual well-being, oral medication, herbal steams, and various other time-tested methods for delivering optimum care. The programs could be 14 days to 30 days long, or you could walk in for a 1-day retreat. The stay-in programs, though, allow you to gradually settle into the routine of daily living that Ayurveda requires you to follow and relax and heal at your own pace.

Healing retreat

Ayurveda Retreat Kerala

The serenity of Kerala is ideal for reconnecting with your inner peace and surrendering yourself to the rejuvenating experience at an Ayurvedic Retreat. Over 70,000 foreigners travel to Kerala every year for a refreshing holiday and a healing retreat. Some of the resorts and spas dedicated to Ayurvedic treatments are located in the most scenic locations in the state. So, if you are looking to revitalize yourself, make the best of Kerala – a unique blend of wellness and leisure.

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