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The Taj Mahal is now open for tourists – here’s a complete download  

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Over the past few months, we have all learned to adapt to the new life and new routines that have changed the way we lead our lives and travel. We have embraced this new normal and have evolved to fit into this new scheme of things. While the effects of COVID are still raging in several parts of the country, people and the tourism sector are trying to come to terms with it by slowly making popular destinations accessible. 

After so many months of uncertainty and periodic lockdowns, local travel in India has started to open up to the general public. So, we have the wondrous monument of the Taj Mahal being made open to the public along with the Fort of Agra. Needless to say, the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort were closed to tourists from March 17, 2020, amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

Keeping all preventive measures in place, the sanitization work was done inside the Taj Mahal under the supervision of relevant archaeological authorities. There is a general wave of positivity and cheer as the Taj Mahal has opened up now and we see people have started visiting too. 

All tourists visiting the Taj must comply with all the COVID preventive measures and must follow the guidelines as issued by the administration and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). 

As per the new guidelines, a maximum of 5000 tourists will enter the monument every day and a maximum of 2500 tourists will enter the Agra Fort. Tourists are required to book their tickets online from the ASI website. Access will be provided after scanning the QR code on the monuments. 

Taj Mahal

According to the officials of the Department of Archaeology, this shall remain the standard operating procedure at the Taj Mahal and The Agra Fort for the time being. 

While the tourists will be making all the payments digitally, including the parking fees, they will be required to follow all the government protocols like maintaining a safe physical distance and wearing masks at all times, they will also have to stay away from the walls and railings of the buildings.

Tourists are allowed to enter the premises only after their thermal screening and only those with no suspicious symptoms will be allowed inside. 

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