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Top 10 hill stations for trekking tours in Uttarakhand

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Aptly known as ‘The Land of Gods’, Uttarakhand is an epitome of serenity, and spirituality and is a precious jewel on the crown of the Indian Territory. As an originating point of most major Indian rivers, this beautiful state houses some of the best hill stations in the country. If you are looking for breath-taking views of snow-covered mountain ranges, experience thrilling trekking tours or mountain climbing, or enjoy a leisure walk, Uttarakhand is completely worth your time.

However, if you are an amateur or professional trekker who is looking for interesting treks, then you can simply decide on a trekking tour as per your choice. Garhwal and Kumaon offer trekking tours in various categories like easy, moderate, and strenuous. Adventure-lovers from around the globe visit Uttarakhand to try trekking and explore the untouched beauty and walk on the less-treaded paths.


chopta Trekking Tours in Uttarakhand

Sitting atop an altitude of 2,700 meters, this scenic hamlet is still uncharted by travellers. Offering picturesque views of the majestic Himalayan range such as Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Chaukhamba, Chopta has some of the best trekking tours in India. The morning view in this serene hill station is exhilarating when the crimson sun’s rays touch the snow-laden Himalayas.


auli Trekking Tours in Uttarakhand

One of the biggest winter sports destinations in India and Uttarakhand, Auli is famed for its various adventure sports activities such as skiing, snowboarding, chairlift, etc. Located at an astounding elevation of 2,500 m to 3,050 m in the Himalayan mountains, Auli gets a lot of snowfall in winters. People from across the world travel to try skiing, ice skating, and trek through these snow-capped mountains.

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flower, Ghangaria

Nestled in the western region of the Himalayas, this UNESCO world heritage site is spread over a vast expanse of 87.50 sq. km. A unique habitat of myriad alpine flowers and plants counting over 400 species, the Valley of Flowers is located in Bhyundar Valley at an altitude of 3,658 meters above sea level. The treks here are very famous throughout the world and the monsoon season is the perfect time to trek here.

Roopkund Trek

roopkund Trekking Tours in Uttarakhand

Also called the ‘Skeleton Lake’, Roopkund Lake is quite known for the mystery attached to it. Located at an elevation of 14,638 feet, this place offers one of the most exciting summer trekking tours in Uttarakhand. Passing through breath-taking terrains, this trek is even good for beginners.

Rupin Pass

Imagine dramatic waterfalls, magnificent views, and a blanket of flower-laden meadows – this trek assures to leave everyone spellbound. The trail begins from Dhaula village and in about five to six days, goes on to Rupin Pass at an astounding altitude of about 10,000 feet.

Pindari Glacier

Pindari Glacier

Pindari Glacier Trek

This one is the most easily accessible of all the Glaciers in this region. Pindari is about 3.2 km in length and approximately 1.5 km wide. An average trekker can complete this trek in about six to seven days, and then get rewarded with a serene and stunning location with mind-blowing views. The best time for this trek is between summer and the start of winter.


Harsil Valley, Uttrakhand

One of the hidden jewels of the state of Uttarakhand, Harsil is located at an altitude of 2,620 m above sea level and offers a pictographic landscape. Babbling pristine water of the river Bhagirathi, lush deodar forest, and the chirping of birds lend it a heaven-like touch. If you want to enjoy a thrilling trek, then try the tour starting at Harsil and going to Chitkul via Lamkhaga Pass. Experience the snow-covered Himalayan peaks while passing through the apple orchards thriving with fresh apples.


Munsyari Himalayas Trekking Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

This quaint hill station is situated 127 km away from the Pithoragarh district and is nestled in the high mountain range of Uttarakhand nearing the Nepal and Tibet border. Famous for several glaciers, waterfalls, beautiful lakes, treks, and natural wildlife environment, Munsiyari offers ample adventure sports such as trekking, skiing, camping, jungle safari, etc.

Har Ki Dun

harr ki dun Trekking Tours in Uttarakhand

Offering untouched beauty and numerous trekking excursions, Har Ki Dun is famous and one of the most serene and beautiful hill stations in Uttarakhand. Morinda Tal and Maninda Tal are the most popular spots overlooking the majestic valley offering adventures like trekking and winter sports.

Panch Kedar Trek

Comprising five popular shrines of Lord Shiva in the mesmerizing Kedar valley, this trek offers a memorable and spiritual experience, away from the humdrum of city life. Panch Kedar trek attracts both amateurs and professional trekking enthusiasts as the track is an amazing blend of tranquillity and scenic charm.

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