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Water Bungalow or Beach Villa – Which is the best Maldivian experience?

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When visiting the Maldives, one is often encountered in this unique but luxurious dilemma. Now, the question is: a water bungalow or beach villa? Many choose to stay in a water bungalow because of the mesmerizing ocean views whereas, the beach villa gives direct access to the beach. But here is some curious stuff you need to consider before making a choice.

Why choose a fancy Beach Villa?

Perfect for family getaways!

Residing in a fancy beach villa could be an ideal option for a family, whereas newly-wed couples should reconsider. These are more suitable for family vacations as you wouldn’t have to worry about your children getting lost. Moreover, these villas are pretty secluded with better safety. Enjoy a much-needed break from parenting. Also, a beach villa is not much recommended for a honeymoon trip. As there are a large number of beach villas set together, the chances of people walking into you could hinder privacy. Privacy is a significant factor when it comes to the newlywed couple.

Affordable holidays

The beach villas are relatively economical since on average it starts from $300 a night. With a price range as low as that in this luxury destination, you will get direct and somewhat exclusive access to certain other beaches and their facilities despite being secluded. Go snorkeling, surfing, or kayaking with your loved ones. And make use of this ideal time to get kids acquainted with the beach life.

Interesting facts for your beach villa stay

The fun part about the beach villas is that you get to use outdoor bathrooms inside walled gardens. Also, if you need to work on your tan, choose your own time as the beach is only a few feet away. But on the other hand, a beach villa has a private garden which will obstruct your view and serve the purpose if you don’t want to go out there in the sun.

Beach Villas

Why choose a Water Bungalow?

Ideal for honeymooners!

A family should not book a water bungalow since it is not big on open spaces. It is unsafe for children because there is little space for them to play around. Therefore, it is recommended for the newlyweds to book a water bungalow for their much-needed privacy.

Luxe living

Water bungalows are costly as on average, it starts from $700 per night. With a high price comes a luxurious stay, unbridled joy, and privacy. Well-designed bungalows built atop the ocean, ensure you stay undisturbed. The extra money paid guarantees an uninterrupted view of the ocean. It is much like owning a penthouse just for the view.

Uncommon facts about the water bungalow stay

Taking a swim in the ocean is feasible. But the downside about water bungalows is that if you tend to order something, it’ll take a while to reach you since the resort’s main facilities are located far off. Also, there is a possibility of the bungalow being poorly lit at night at times.

Sometimes the design factor prevents the bungalow from facing the sun, therefore stealing you away from the chance of working on your tan. During low tides, it is difficult to venture out on a boat as the water depth remains quite shallow. Don’t plan on staying long inside a water bungalow, because it causes sea sickness for many.

Now that you pretty much know about your stay, pack your bags, grab your goggles and head to your ideal Maldivian vacation!

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