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What’s fascinating about houseboat cruises in Kerala?

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Imagine going with the flow, along slow-drifting canals, to find meaningful journeys in luxurious houseboats, and discover the close-knit lives on serene distant islands. The houseboat cruises in Kerala amidst the scenic backwaters are truly a dream destination for tourists across the globe. Cruising on the backwater canals of Alappuzha in a luxurious houseboat while viewing the paddy fields and the rustic villages is no less than a fantasy. Kerala offers a blend of varied aquatic life and a tranquil backdrop alongside the lagoons for tourists who want to enjoy leisure time with their loved ones.

So, where can you go to enjoy the experience of a lifetime – living in a luxury houseboat in the backwaters? Some picturesque destinations in Kerala are Kuttanadu backwaters, Ashtamudi Lake, Vembanad Lake, Paravur Estuaries, Nileshwaram, Munroe Island, and Kozhikode. Tourists can enjoy the stay in lavish and plush houseboats, called Kettuvalam, and savour the unique experience.

Houseboat stay amid splendid lake views

Houseboat Living Room With Guests, Kerala

The special feature that makes Kerala a unique destination for tourists is the experience of a stay in houseboats in the famous backwaters. These houseboats not only offer an enchanting experience but also let the tourists enjoy the very roots of this beautiful state. You get a chance to have a kaleidoscopic view of this southern paradise.

Private cruise in luxury

Luxury Private Cruise on Backwater, Kerala

Houseboat stay is very much like a short private cruise on the famous backwaters in an ultra-luxurious houseboat which offers all modern-day conveniences along with a rustic charm. From on-board and exquisite dining, local delicacies and most luxurious amenities, it is an opportunity to interact with local people, making it the right fit for a memorable holiday.

Impeccable interiors

Impeccable interiors main image replace

Most of the houseboats sport bamboo walls and a humble thatched roof. Though they might look compact from the outside, however, they feature luxurious and spacious interiors. Designed for slow-paced, leisurely expeditions, staying in a luxury houseboat gives you a feeling as if you are in heaven. You can get an unmatched experience of cruising through farms, and lush green paddy fields and view fishing activities on the banks. Relish the freshly-cooked food and just relax while you soak in the sounds of the birds chirping. Take a sneak peek of swaying palm and coconut trees and pristine beaches.

Wellness retreats

Ayurvedic Wellness Spa retreat, Kerala

Kerala’s ayurvedic facility is a huge inspiration to people. Ayurveda is the most ancient Indian form of science which provides a holistic approach besides medication. Most luxury houseboats in Kerala offer wellness and holistic treatments and Ayurveda tours where you can get a rejuvenating massage or treatment best suited to you. So, if you are planning for a getaway to find solace from your hectic and busy life and stress, then Kerala is the best destination.

Exquisite culinary delights

Lunch on the Houseboat, Kerala

Don’t worry about your meals. Most luxury houseboats have excellent chefs who cook up sumptuous meals for you as per your taste and preference. If you like Indian cuisine, Italian, seafood or whatever, the chefs at these houseboats make delicious preparations from their fresh catch of fish, prawns, etc. while adding a dash of the local Kerala flavour. Enjoy the serenity of the backwaters of Kerala with some authentic local cuisine and your favourite wine.

Best time to plan your houseboat vacation

Luxury Backwater Houseboat, Kerala

So, if you have decided to plan your next holiday in a luxury houseboat in Kerala, remember that the best season to visit this ‘God’s Own Country’ is between October and January. At this time, the weather is mostly cool and dry. Though many tourists also visit backwaters during monsoon season to enjoy a different experience of overflowing rivers, heavy downpours, and verdant green lands.

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