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Top-notch Paradise Beaches in the Maldives Island

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Fine white sand, blue skies, and clear turquoise waters – the beaches of Maldives have often been termed a lovers’ paradise. An archipelago situated in the Indian Ocean, Maldives boasts of some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Attracting thousands of tourists to its white sandy beaches, and blue lagoons dotted with lofty palms. This expansive island nation is a picture-perfect location for a romantic getaway, an idyllic vacation, or a rejuvenating time with your loved ones.

Consisting of 26 coral atolls and a total of 1190 islands, the Maldives offers numerous breath-taking beaches for you to relax and have endless fun. Go for a swim in the pristine water, sunbathe, or enjoy thrilling water sports like windsurfing, scuba diving, parasailing, wakeboarding, and jet skiing. And not to forget, the stunning coral reefs you can see when you try snorkelling and scuba diving. The best time to visit this paradise on earth is between December and April. Whether you’re looking for leisure or tropical adventure, the Maldives sure has the best and most incredible beaches in the world. Now let’s get set to know about the top five paradise beaches in the Maldives:

Reethi Rah Beach 

This top-notch beach is situated on one of North Male Atoll’s largest islands, which is why the beaches here are much bigger and broader. Add to it the soft white sands and teal water. The resort beach villas here offer exquisite private access to their own sandy and heavenly beach. The calm waters help to make it one of the best places to try snorkelling and stand-up paddle boarding.

Cocoa Island Beach

If you wish just to relax and spend a quiet time on a sandy beach, then this one is for you. Just enjoy the sun and the extraordinary beauty of the surrounding seas. If you are planning a romantic getaway or a holiday to relax, then the island beaches are the best. Just sit on your balcony, right above the turquoise sea at the Cocoa Island Resort and view multi-coloured fish swim beneath you in the crystal-clear waters of the sea.


Nika Island Beaches

In case you’re looking for a perfect place to simply unwind in nature, then Nika Island is the apt choice. Situated on the North Ari Atoll, these magnificent beaches offer a tranquil and romantic setting that is perfect for soaking up the tropical sun, swimming or just rewinding. Imagine the bright sun, pure white sand, and shimmering water – this is just what the Nika Island beaches are made up of. These private beaches offer a memorable break to couples, away from the hustle-bustle of city life. These beaches are also popular equally with nature admirers and adventurer-lovers.

Bikini Beach 

A true island paradise on Rasdhoo Island is Maldives’s bikini beach, a preferred destination to flaunt the bikini body without any worry! The breathtaking views, huge beach size, and leafy palm trees with comfortable sunbeds make it an ideal spot for sun lovers. This private beach of Maldives is ideal for romantic getaways with your loved ones, making it one of the hotspots for lovey-doveys.

Bikini Beach, Rasdhoo Island, Maldives

Veligandu Island Beach

Set on a tiny cosy island in North Ari Atoll, Veligandu has got the most beautiful beaches in the Maldives. Solace for the mind is what this beach is all about! This serene and affordable beach is one of the most stunning and popular private beaches in the Maldives. One of the best places for adventure sports like diving, and that too, with whale sharks. So, if you want to try sustainable luxury living amid the blue waters and incredible beaches, then Veligandu Island beach is your place to be.

Veligandu Island Resort and Spa, North Ari Atoll, Maldives

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