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What are the unique travel experiences in Sri Lanka?

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Sri Lanka, an island nation with its deliberate shape is a mosaic of delicious foods, vibrant colours, charming architecture, and a deep culture to explore. While planning a trip, it can be a little overwhelming to fathom where to start, but it’s the entirety of tourist destinations in Sri Lanka that makes it the way it is.

Unique Travel Experiences in Sri Lanka

A unique shopping experience

Travelling is all about collecting an assortment of unique experiences, and you’ll get one such at the Pettah Floating market where old-school shopping is frowned upon. Located over the babbling Beira Lake, this market is unique in its style of delivering an adventurous shopping experience. While entering the market, you onboard cute little swan boats and peruse the market sequentially. From local edibles to durables, this market bevvies a mixed bag of collectables in an interesting fashion. Testa Bakehouse in the market is a lovely red-tent-covered hangout space with a square pavilion where one can enjoy some delicious food.

The turtle hatcheries of Kosgoda

Get enthused with thousands of little turtles frolicking around in relatively open water bodies among nature. The bravest ones here have survived humans (nets) and the adverse nature (tsunami). These hatcheries provide food and shelter to these animals, and then they are released into the ocean as an initiative by the Government to save the species. Arrive at the right time around 6 pm; you can buy these three-day-old hatchlings and release them into the ocean for yourself.


The fortified city of Galle

Missing this UNESCO-declared world heritage site is a no-go. The beautiful town of Galle gives an all-encompassing experience and is a perfect delight to be explored on foot. From Galle Temple to Galle Fort, from Church of Galle to the International Galle Stadium. This city is the embodiment of lush life, and you’ll find various stylish concept cafes and restored buildings in the historic alleys. A stay among the city locals is an imperial experience and a highly recommended experience.

Elephant safari and intriguing wildlife species

Sri Lanka is famous for its biodiversity featuring Asian elephants, Sri Lankan leopards and purple-faced langurs. The elephants are deeply rooted in the daily Sri Lankan culture, and the Yala National Park houses a sizable population of leopards. Take a Safari through the forests amid the halo of shadow from the local flora and witness a wide range of fauna. You’ll be lucky to witness a leopard amidst the vast forest and seeing the mammoth leopard’s face in-person will for sure upend all your modest notions about the beast. Sri Lanka is also home to a wide range of intriguing wildlife species.

Finest beaches in the world  

If you pay close attention to the beaches of Sri Lanka, you would be able to find a lot of resemblance between them and pictures on a postcard! Every once in a while, there are cases of people enjoying themselves on a beach, swimming in used adult diapers or some other form of gross rubbish! That is not the case here. All the beaches in Sri Lanka are devoid of litter, the water is crystal clear, and chances are high for you to be greeted with sea turtles when you decide to take a dip here!

The Bentota beach town is famous for its happening beaches and a myriad of water sports to enjoy. From jet skis to parasailing, and from scuba diving to speed boating in the mangroves, the beaches never set dull, and everything seems so full of life. The water here is not too wild, which is good for swimming. Take a body boarding session with the unison of regular waves. And after an extensive session of beach hopping, get into one of the Ayurvedic spa centres for a refreshing massage to revitalize your mind and body for your next stop. Furthermore, the sand on Sri Lanka’s beaches is fine and free from pebbles, thus making them ideal to be walked on! Be sure to check out the following beaches – Koggala, Negombo, Arugam Bay, Uppuveli, Trincomalee and Polhena.

Irrespective of your preferences as a tourist, Sri Lanka has something or the other to offer to you. For instance – If you love to be one with nature and enjoy the great outdoors, this beautiful island nation has a wide assortment of hiking trails that goes through quaint little villages and sweeping tea plantations as well as magnificent waterfalls! Sri Lanka has evolved a lot over time. From its regal nightlife to calm and composed vicinity to nature, Sri Lanka passes for a fun-filled tour for individuals coming from all walks of life.

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