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India is opening up again: Scope for travel post-COVID

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With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us saw our travel plans get decimated. However, with lockdowns getting lifted and recoveries rising rapidly across all states of India, it’s probably best to revamp international travel plans into local itineraries. There are enough destinations across India that can provide an escape from the mundane routine of the lockdown and quarantine days. Luckily, for most people, the weather is also moving towards a pleasant and cooler note, giving travelers a more extended list of destinations to choose from for a quick getaway. That being said, safety and accessibility are and will remain at the top of everyone’s itineraries, making domestic travel the most viable option.

Less hassle, more travel

International travel brings along with it the struggles of documentation, visas, and in the current scenario – a possible health risk. Traveling within the country requires you to commit fewer days to plan and more days for vacation. There are no tedious visa requirements to deal with, making your vacation easy to execute.

More importantly, people will be looking for a safer destination with fewer risks even if the crucial days of the pandemic leave us behind. International borders might have opened up but they may not always allow for a secure experience. Adding to that, most countries that allow international travel now have strict rules of quarantine in place (that are likely to continue). This would translate to extending the travel dates to accommodate added days of quarantine whilst managing the added cost of living in a country abroad.


Different route

The world of air travel has been forced to make significant modifications to its processes in the middle of this pandemic. This has led to longer hours at the airport and in some cases, a greater risk of exposure to the virus. But not all travel plans bank on flights. Your nearest holiday destination could be a drive away which makes it a safer and more accessible alternative than you think. A road trip paves the way for minimal risk (because you are traveling in your own vehicle) and coverage of numerous places in one trip as you follow the routes from one state to another.

Enough to explore

India is a magnificent country with hidden gems and a vast list of go-to destinations that tend to be ignored due to busy schedules and the preference given to international travel. From trekking routes and backwaters to lush forests and landscapes, India’s destination choices are diverse and are well-suited to your vacation needs (regardless of whether you’re a mountain, beach or city person). It’s worth gathering your family or even your closest friends and taking a look at all your nearby natural wonders, or making a quick camping getaway to your closest hills. This also gives you a chance to stay close to home in the event of making any emergency returns.

Going solo

Traveling by yourself can be an intimidating experience. Start with local travel to begin your solo adventure. Nearby destinations ensure shorter journeys, safer travel, and ensure that you get more time to yourself. COVID-19 has had a negative impact on the mental health of most people. A solo travel plan might just give you that break that you have been wanting ever since the start of this pandemic, giving your mind a relaxed and refreshed vacation.

Work from… outdoors

A common culture that most companies adopted during this pandemic was the “work from home” routine. This allowed employees to stay indoors and work from there while keeping them, their families, and fellow employees safe. If you’re stuck with deadlines and a lack of leaves, heading to the closest seashore or hill station can offer you a refreshing experience. While it may not be a conventional holiday plan, working with a view and fresh air is seldom a bad idea.

Steps of recovery

As most countries battle with the effects (and aftereffects) of the pandemic in its peak form, there is immense focus on dropping GDPs and crippling economies. Governments across the globe are encouraging their citizens to add to their economy by buying local products and services and also traveling locally. From one state to another, passengers will be healing the economy bit by bit throughout their route. At a time like this, it is essential for citizens to step up and work alongside governments to lift up state and national financial resources and local travel is an essential piece for the same.

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