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Why is Bhutan called ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’?

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Divided diagonally, the national flag of Bhutan has a white dragon in the centre of the flag. One-half of the flag is orange, symbolizing the spiritual power in the country that is controlled primarily by Drukpa monasteries and Buddhist religious practices. The other half of the flag is saffron yellow, representing the temporal power in the country and the secular authority of the dynasty.

Bhutan’s mythological belief

The Bhutanese people call their country ‘Druk Yul’ or ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. They believe that thunder is actually the voice of the dragon roaring. Thus, the dragon in the centre of the flag, or ‘Druk’ has a deep association with the country itself. As per Tibetan and Bhutanese mythology, the Druk is the “Thunder Dragon”.  In Dzongkha, Bhutan is known as Druk Yul or the “Land of Druk”, and Bhutanese leaders are known as Druk Gyalpo, meaning “Thunder Dragon Kings”.

Bhutan Mythology

The dragon is snarling and clutching jewels in its claws. The jewels in the dragon’s claws represent the wealth and prosperity of the nation. The snarling dragon represents the male and female deities who always protect the country, its king and the people from harm and are inimical to outside forces that are threatening them.

Mysterious Bhutan

Bhutan has many mysterious aspects and is considered a mystery land that draws curious travellers from all around the globe. It is also due to its unique features and specialities that this landlocked Himalayan kingdom is well known for its rare culture, cuisine, belief system, and landscape, unlike many popular tourist destinations.

As per the happiness index, Bhutanese are among the happiest people on the planet. Although most countries tend to grade themselves on the basis of wealth and output as their main criteria, the Bhutanese vary in their approach.

Mysterious Bhutan

Fortunately, Bhutan is home to some luxurious hotel chains and good hospitality, which appeals to the comfort-seeking and curious tourists around the world. Why not unlock your curiosity and explore this mystery land with our bespoke tours?

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